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Why I Run:
Annie Crawford


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Why I Run: Annie Crawford, founder of Can Too

Running is something almost anyone can do, says Can Too founder Annie Crawford. And through her unique training program, she proves it.

Annie has been in love with running since her 20s. Every morning, she runs through her neighbourhood, and she says running is the best way to get to know a place.

“It’s a way to see a city wake up, in its raw form,” she says.

“Feeling the ground beneath you is also a great way to connect with your senses, and relish the rush that comes from being active.

“Running makes me feel lucky to be alive. I fell in love with running by doing it. I learned to love it in my 20s by running short distances and increasing them and increasing them. Now I’ve been doing it for close to 30 years.”

Can Too was born as Annie’s vision to offer structured training programs for community running events like RunWest, and in return those runners raise money for cancer research and prevention programs that directly benefit those communities.

Can Too is able to fight cancer on two different fronts. Running was the perfect way to do this – by encouraging people to get active and raise money.

“Anyone can do it,” Annie says, “all you need is a pair of shoes. Not everyone thinks they can do it, but they can too.

“Sometimes people will turn around and tell me ‘I’m not a runner’ after they’ve just run 12km, and it’s not true!

“As soon as you tell yourself you are a runner, you become one.”

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