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6 Tips for Training

Training for any running event, whether it’s your first or your tenth, is as much about the mind as it is about the body.

Can Too has trained over 15,0000 participants since 2005 and these are six things for new runners to consider when training for an event like RunWest.

1. You’re (Probably) Not Running Slow Enough

Our mantra is “Go out slowly, come home strong.”

Lots of people end up hating distance running because they go out too hard and too fast at the start. When training for any distance event, you need to learn to run slowly – and that’s probably much slower than you think.

We teach you how to negative split – run the first half of any run slower than the second half. This helps you warm up properly, reducing the risk of injury, and best of all you don’t “blow up” in the first half of your run leaving you struggling to go the distance, or not finishing at all.

Funnily enough as a result, your time will improve, and you’ll actually enjoy running!

2. Build A Mental Toolkit That’s Yours

It’s in your head that the magic happens with running. Early in your Can Too RunWest training, you’ll realise that the thing you thought would be impossible – running 12km – is not as hard as you think.

Building resilience and mental toughness is part of the journey training with Can Too. Over the 10 weeks of training, play around with some different strategies, and find what works for you. A few are:

3. Running Form – Your New Happy Place

Unless you’re an Olympic runner (Can Too trained ex-Olympian sprinter Melinda Gainsford-Taylor to run her first marathon) we’re all here to just do our best.

Can Too doesn’t care how fast you end up running, what we care about is your running efficiently, using good running form, at whatever speed suits you. And focussing on good form is a great way focus your energies:

Mentally, running form is your happy place. You can go back there at any time, checking your body, lightening the load, and covering distance.

We’ll teach you all of this at your Can Too RunWest training program.

4. Look After Your Feet

Shoes that make you look good aren’t necessarily shoes that do good.

Avoid cotton socks! When your feet start to sweat, or it rains (Can Too trains rain, hail, shine!) you’ll be so glad you invested in good running socks, designed to keep your feet from rubbing while your put in the hard yards.

5. Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Endurance running is so empowering because you learn a lot about yourself. It’s hard, no doubt about it, but it is possible. Ask yourself how you respond to negative situations and what your ‘self-talk’ is.

In a group situation do you let negativity overtake you and project it outward, or do you turn that inner voice around, and find a positive view to share with the group?

Are the one who has a hissy-fit when you turn the wrong way – when you realise you’re a bit lost – or are you the one that takes a deep breath, looks around, forgives yourself for making a mistake, and keeps going?

Positivity can be learned, and like anything, it’s through regular practice that we improve.

6. Believe In Yourself

While it’s good to have some base fitness before commencing running, training under a qualified and experienced coach, in a structured training program like Can Too, you can go from non-runner to taking on the RunWest 12km in just 10 weeks.

To do so – and it sounds cheesy, we know – you need to believe in yourself.

You need to trust that with the right training, support, advice, and practice, we’re all capable of far more than we often give ourselves credit for.

And remember that it’s called a challenge for a reason!

Particularly for a beginner runner, it’s going to be really hard in the beginning. You will get the “runners high” after a few weeks, and the endorphins will kick in!

Here at Can Too we believe in our people until they can believe in themselves. We’re an opportunity to be a healthier, happier you that’s doing amazing things for your community.

Take the training day by day, and remember my mantra, “Go out slowly and come home strong.”

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