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New Year’s Eve detox tips

By Lauren Hannaford, NAB RunWest Nutrition partner

The end of year festivities just keep on rolling in don’t they?! This is wonderful for our social calendar but it can also mean that our health and wellbeing can take a bit of a hit.

Don’t fear though! Here are some healthy tips to keep things balanced, without ruining all the fun. It’s all about being mindful.

1. Hydration, hydration, hydration! Whether it’s before during or after the New Year festivities, hydration is key so be sure to stock up on that h2o.

2.  Rest and sleep is imperative to ensure you are recovering from what has been a big couple of weeks and no doubt a late night on New Year’s Eve. Make sure you are getting the suggested 8 hrs sleep to help you make healthier eating choices.

3.  If you are wanting to share in some new years cheer with friends then why not clink a glass that has a few less calories in it! I know right, how good does that sound!!

Here are a few simple swaps for you:

Usually after a late night or a few drinks we all want to reach for those greasy breakfasts but why don’t we mix it up a little and go for a healthy smoothie? I guarantee you will feel a whole lot better. AND even if you haven’t had a big night out on New Year’s Eve then a healthy smoothie is an all round great option to kick off the new year.

The key is in the preparation so make sure you have all the ingredients in the fridge the day before so all you have to do is throw it in the blender.

Try this smoothie –

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