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What to do the week before NAB RunWest




From Sydney West Sports Medicine, NAB RunWest Injury Management specialists;

RunWest is almost upon us. You have been training hard for many weeks to build up your distance and speed. How do you get to the start line feeling fresh and ready for a great run?

1. Wind Back the Training

It is important to dial down the training by approximately 50% the week before a race. This gives your body time to recover and will help you feel fresh and ready to run a PB at the start line. Keep any runs short (no more than 30 minutes) and focused.  You might use the last week to do some light to moderate interval training to work on your speed.

2. Stick with What is Familiar

Do what you know. This is not the week to try a new or unfamiliar exercises, new shoes or new clothes. A fast race can quickly be ruined by sore muscles, blisters or an uncomfortable outfit.

This is the same for food – keep to recipes you know and love. Ideally your main meals will have a balance of protein, fresh vegetable and complex carbohydrates.

3. Stretch and Mobilise

The final week before RunWest is a great opportunity to prime your muscles with regular, light stretching and foam rolling. This will help your muscles stay loose and relaxed. Remember to stick with stretches you know.