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24 hours before RunWest – be prepared and enjoy


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24 hours before NAB RunWest – be prepared and enjoy


By NAB RunWest partner physiotherapists and injury management specialists, Sydney West Sports Medicine:

1. Be Prepared

Take the time the night before the lay out your running outfit (with bib attached) and shoes. Also take the time to review the NAB RunWEST event details – where and when to arrive and how to get there. There is nothing worse for a fast run than travel stress.

2.  Eat a Healthy, Carbohydrate Rich Dinner

Carbohydrates will help fuel your body the next day. Rather than eating a giant bowl of pasta, try eating regular but smaller portions the day before so as to not leave you with a heavy stomach.

3. Get a Good Night Sleep

Aim for 8 hours of sleep the night before RunWEST so you feel fresh for a great run.

4. Arrive Early and Give Yourself Time to Warm Up

Familiarise yourself with the start line area, go to the bathroom and leave time to warm up those muscles with a light jog. You don’t want to be running to the start line just as the gun is firing. Your warm up should consist of jogging and active stretching including high knees, butt kicks, leg swings and side to sides. Try doing some light bouncing or skipping movements in the lead up to the gun firing to keep those muscles nice and warm.

5. Sip, Don’t Gulp

In the hours leading up to the race take regular sips of water to stay hydrated. The final 30 minutes before the start gun is not the time to be gulping down the H2O. It will only leave you with a cramp and the need to go to the bathroom. If your mouth is a bit dry, small sips is good.

6. Start Slow and Build up Speed

At every major fun run the start line will be busy. Take your time to navigate through other runners and steadily build up speed. Going hard and fast from the start will only increase your likelihood of burning out later in the race.

7. Most Importantly Have Fun

You are part of the inaugural NAB RunWest event. Enjoy the atmosphere running through Sydney Motor Sport Park, Sydney’s new Zoo and The Western Sydney Parklands. It will be an amazing day.